You get a quality video package that explains exactly what you need to do every step!

How it works:
Once you sign up, we'll send you video for each day with a written explanation of what to do.

Every few days you will receive a bonus for your persistence, the new bonus will be integrated with the previos, It will be a new layer of what you have already learned earlier.
It is extremely important that you do it perfectly because the next bonus will challenge you even more if you do not reach the perfection of the previous steps anymore.

The bonuses

1. Breathing

2. Frictination

3. integration

4. pressure on pressure off


first bonus: breathing

The first bonus will be the breathing technique which I use to significantly improve my flexibility and the ability to let go which is so important to stretch properly.

Second bonus: Frictination

This technique is like in real life, you will never see the graph on the stock market just rising exponentially, it will rise and then drop a bit and then again will rise. We will use the forces of nature to stretch even deeper.

Third bonus: integration
The way we are going to treat SPLIT , which will protect us when working on SPLIT and avoid injuries.

Last Bonus: pressure on pressure off

When I started to dance salsa, I realized an important principle, you can not always hug the girl will look strange, you also can not be kept away from the girl, she will think you do not enjoy dancing with her. That's why we get closer and farther away. This element is natural and comes in different forms in our lives.

How I Start?


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